Glyde Architects | Process
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Before design we uncover the narrative of the site and its own particular place in its immediate and broader environment.


We use our instinct and experience as a navigation tools to record and develop an intimate understanding of how the local area relates to the site and, primarily how it will be used by a pedestrian on foot. We understand where people will walk their dogs, locate the best cafes , work out how far it is to the local schools and shops, what sounds are present, what a does the area smell like, is it busy or noisy, where is the nearest open space, where is the sun relative to the site. All of these things become recorded in the very first sketch and become the earliest reference point for all our designs.


From there our process becomes form driven whereby we mould the fabric of the building to capture light and air in a way that we know will lead to joyful inhabitation. A building that embodies the rational, is meaningful and fulfilling to use and fits within its context.



Less and less we use the plan or orthogonal representation to explain our designs. Instead we look to immerse our clients in 3d with virtual interactive models both physical and virtual. Clients are given software and a digital 3d model to navigate through every step of the architectural process. This means the client can always reference it to understand scale, light, material textures, spatial connections and ultimately feel how the integration of all of the above manifests in the right solution for them.